Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is a form of performing art which combines dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical pole. Pole dancing has been historically associated with strip clubs though it has now gained popularity in the mainstream entertainment, practiced by many in gyms and dedicated dance studios. Pole dancing classes are usually taken by women who are extremely flexible or are aiming to improve flexibility.

Some of the countries that participate in pole dancing include America, Canada, Japan and Australia.

Over the years there have been great pole dancers. There are some famous pole dancers that are worth mentioning. Some of them include; Elena Gibson from U.K who won the first Miss Pole Dance and Reiko Suemune who was the runners up of the first competition. Others famous pole dancers are Jenyne Butterfly, Crystal Lai and Felix Cane. There are several benefits that come with pole dancing. The benefits of pole dancing can be categorized into Physical and Emotional:

Physical Benefits of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is accredited to promoting physical fitness to those performing this art. This is because the dance is somehow strenuous and works to improve body fitness. For those with excess fat that adds a lot of weight to their bodies, this sport is a complete remedy for that problem. The exercise involved helps people reduce fat in the body thus reducing body weight. Pole dancing has promoted invention of more dancing moves. This helps in improving the dance industry. Since pole dancing involves a lot of stamina building, strength is easily acquired in the process.

Pole dancing encourages participants to increase and maintain high standards of workouts. This help in keeping fit. Pole dancing is a sport that can shape the body of the participant. Those with irregular body shapes should try out pole dancing for it works well to shape the body of an individual. Pole dancing can build firmed and toned muscles within a short period of time.

The benefit of this to women is that firming and toning concentrates more on areas that are considered problematic.

Proportioned Body

    • Participants of pole dancing get the benefit of having fairly proportionate bodies. This is due to the physical nature the sport is involved in.

Emotional Benefits Of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing work right to reduces stress level. Participants get occupied with this art and it slowly brushes off the stress they had before.

Improve Self-Esteem Among Women

Pole dancing increases self-esteem since the participants get used to be seen by different people more often. This also increases their confidence level. This is because one performing this art of pole dancing gets to mingle with many people from different backgrounds and thus they are in a position to handle different situations. Pole dancing brings about satisfaction that most gyms cannot bring. One feels sexy whenever performing this art. The sport is quite challenging and goes a long way to challenge the mind of an individual participating in the sport. This is a benefit because one gets to know how to face challenges even beyond the sport. The sport requires participants to be very keen and follow all the moves rightfully. This promotes mind concentration on a particular thing which is beneficial even beyond the sport.

The sport also helps the mind to be in a relaxed mood.

The above are just some of the benefits of pole dancing. From the above, it is clear that there are various benefits that come with pole dancing. So, what are you waiting for? Go to dance classes toronto right now!